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Exceptional, Affordable Acupuncture
in a Community Setting
What is NAET?
NAET is a Natural Allergy Elimination Technique, which uses acupuncture, energy balancing, and energy testing
on the client.  
Jim has taken advanced training in this technique from its creator, Dr. Nambudripad, and has seen it help many
people ease their symptoms and improve their lives.  Some of these clients were unaware they had allergies, but
thought they just had pain, depression, and anxiety for no specific reason.

How Do the Treatments Work?
NAET sessions begin with a private intake, in which Jim will go over your health history, known allergies, and
current symptoms.  Through energy testing, or kinesiology, he will begin to determine which substances are
most likely to be creating your symptoms.  Following this diagnostic work, Jim will lead you to the group
acupuncture therapy room.  You will be treated with the best acupuncture points for you, and you will relax for
about 40 minutes with the needles in.  The acupuncture portion of the therapy is very relaxing, with many clients
falling asleep in the treatment recliner.  For most sessions, plan on being at the clinic for 75-90 minutes.
What is Required of the Client        
Most clients will be instructed to avoid certain substances/foods/allergens for a period of time between visits.  Jim will describe which things you should
avoid, and for how long.  It’s best to choose a period of time in which you won’t be doing significant travel, cruises, etc, as you may not have as much
control over your diet in these circumstances.  

What is the Cost?
Introductory and follow up visits for NAET are $45.  Due to the time intensive nature of the therapy, our sliding scale is not available for NAET.  
However, $45 per session is far below the charges of most providers in St. Louis.  

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
It’s difficult to predict how many visits a client will require, it depends on the severity of their symptoms, their active participation on dietary
improvements, and their response to treatment.  However, a good rule of thumb is to plan on at least five visits to experience lasting results.

Does it Help People?  Any Testimonials?

"The NAET treatments have helped tremendously with my allergies. For the past 10 years, various food, pollen and mold allergies were increasingly
getting worse each year. My eyes would weep excessively for months in the spring, lethargy would take over when mold counts were high, and my eyes
were irritated during all months except winter to the point that wearing contact lenses was impossible.  The treatments require some patience. Having
tried many other options that failed me (from an allergist to essential oils and nettie pots and more), I was willing to invest my time in NAET to see the
results, and tried to go once a week to get to the results quicker. It was after the 4th or 5th treatment that I realized not only were my symptoms
diminishing, but I had much more energy and felt generally healthier. I could eat the foods that I couldn’t before without an allergic reaction. After the
10th treatment, my mold and pollen allergies were gone. I will continue with NAET but with treatments once or twice a month as I do believe they are
making me healthier and increasing my energy. I’m so very grateful to Jim at Community Acupuncture for bringing this treatment to St. Louis."

"I have been taking Jim's NAET treatments for allergies and after a series of treatments I noticed that I was not having as much nasal drainage and
sinus headaches.  I can walk outside without having sinus headaches and asthma problems.  My IBS symptoms have subsided.   I can also tolerate
eating some foods I couldn't before.  Hopefully I continue to improve with more treatments."
Where Can I Learn More?
This website was published by the creator of the NAET technique: