We accept cash, checks, Visa, Discover,
Mastercard, and American Express.  We also
accept debit cards.
Forms of Payment, Fees, and Sliding Scale
Form of Payment
Fees & Sliding Scale
We will be happy to print receipts for you to
provide to your insurance company.  However,
we are unable to bill your insurance company
directly at this time. Therefore, we require full
cash or credit payment at the time of your visit,
even if you are to be reimbursed by an
insurance company later.

Our experience has been that most Missouri
insurers do not cover acupuncture.  (Many
West Coast and East Coast insurers do, but
Missouri insurance companies have been
slower to offer this benefit).  
At Community Acupuncture, we strive to
make treatments affordable for patients.

We offer a sliding scale to any patient who
needs it.  No proof of income is required.  

Treatments are $25-$40 and you decide
how much you can afford to pay.  
You decide how much you can pay.  Some
clients request treatment on a massage
table.  For those sessions, please add $15
for the upgrade, in addition to the $25 - $40

We keep our fees affordable to encourage
patients to receive more frequent
treatments.  We find patients who receive
acupuncture more frequently early in their
time with us heal more quickly.  
Click here to learn more about
our sliding scale
HSA or
Flexible Medical Accounts
If a patient has an HSA (Health Savings Account)
or a flexible medical account, acupuncture is
usually reimbursed. Our office will help provide
appropriate documentation.
    "Community Acupuncture's fees are as
    low as the co-pay I spend at the Doctor's
    office.  And, I don't have to complete all
    the insurance paperwork."  
                                  K.C., South St. Louis
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