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We Trust Lionheart for our Clients!

We have sent many acupuncture clients with back pain and
other issues to Lionheart over the years.  The skillful staff at
Lionheart helps build their core muscles, teach them proper
training, and eliminate their pain.

We have over 20 stories of our acupuncture clients becoming
pain free at Lionheart.  Many of these clients don't even need
regular acupuncture treatments anymore!
Acupuncture Saint Louis, Acupuncture St Louis
2006 S. 39th St, St Louis MO  63110       314-772-4325
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Exceptional, Affordable Acupuncture
in a Community Setting
Lionheart is located in
Richmond Heights,
at Big Bend & I-64/Hwy 40

1039 South Big Bend Blvd,
Richmond Heights 63117
Community Acupuncture Clients Receive a FREE Consultation and Training Visit at Lionheart.  
Call 314-
974-2693 to book your complimentary session.
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