Community Acupuncture clinics are sprouting up all over the country.
acupuncture.  Many patients who believed in the benefits of
acupuncture were no longer able to afford treatments which were
$65 and up for each session at many acupuncture practices.

Community Acupuncture often involves group treatment rooms and
recliners as opposed to the treatment tables used in other
acupuncturist offices.  This helps acupuncturists reach the most
patients in the least time and create a collective healing space.
What is Community Acupuncture?
A Growing Movement:  
For the People
A Passion
Lisa Rohleder is a long-time acupuncturist
and author who is passionate about
changing the world through providing
affordable healthcare to everyone.  She
has written two books on creating
community acupuncture clinics.  Her
infectious enthusiasm helps practitioners
overcome doubts and excuses and create
affordable healing spaces.

Our clinic came to life after many
discussions with Lisa.  We overcame our
own resistances and worries, and have
created a healing space that people can
afford.  If you would like to see Lisa's
website, it can be viewed at
Why is Community Acupuncture Better for Me?
Many patients come to acupuncture after everything else has failed.  
They may be tired of taking too many pain killers or other medications,
or are finding that their medications don't improve their symptoms.  As
their ailments are often longstanding, many of these patients will
require regular acupuncture treatments for a while.  At $130 for the
initial appointment and $65 for follow up treatments, most people
cannot afford to get as many treatments as they really need.

In our clinic, patients pay within an affordable range of $20-$40 for all
visits.  We trust our patients to decide for themselves what they can
afford.  This allows our patients to get as many treatments as they need
for as long as they need for lasting healing.

If you are worried about the group treatment setting, just visit us and
try it out.  We take our initial consultation in a private setting, then do
treatments in the group room.  Patients who had initially resisted the
idea often forget they had any concerns about group treatment by
their second and third sessions.
The first Community Acupuncture Clinic
located in Portland, Oregon
    I can afford my treatments
    because Community Acupuncture
    is different.  It has a sliding
    scale that make visits to their
    clinic as affordable as a co-pay
    at a traditional doctor.  Now
    I've started using acupuncture
    for the whole family...from back
    pain and injuries to fatigue and
    digestive issues.
    -M.K., Maplewood
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Exceptional, Affordable Acupuncture
in a Community Setting